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Best Tools For Schools

Green Pledge

Being parents ourselves, we feel it’s our obligation as individuals and as a company to minimize our impact on our planet. Wherever possible, Best Tools for Schools buys in bulk and asks our suppliers to eliminate unnecessary packaging.

Every bit of cardboard is recycled. Our kits are made from unbleached cardboard, which is a 100% recycled, non-toxic, environmentally friendly product.

We have created a paperless process, eliminating paper-based forms by establishing an online order system. Invoices are sent to your mailbox and it is up to you if you wish to print it for your files or file it away on your computer.

By buying your kit from Best Tools for Schools you get only what you need and nothing more. Very often, big box stores encourage you to buy more than you need by offering special pricing on certain items. This encourages you to spend more than you had intended and creates unnecessary waste. Why are you urged to buy a pack of six glue sticks when you only need four?

By delivering kits to the school we significantly decrease vehicle emissions, which minimizes our ecological footprint. Instead of 300 individual kits going to separate homes, 300 kits are conveniently dropped at one location. This significantly cuts down on emissions from our delivery vehicles. You help out too. By not traveling from store to store to store to fulfill your child’s list you’re reducing your impact on the environment too! Just think of all that fresh air if just 1000 cars didn’t bother leaving the house to get their school supplies.

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