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Most parents dread the inevitable back to school rush. The whining, crying, temper tantrums and uncontrollable fits of rage. And that’s just the adults, heaven forbid you have to bring your children with you. You know the scene, the one in which you and your child argue over the well-made item that will last the year, over the celebrity endorsed brand which will fall apart somewhere around September 10. Then there’s the quest for the very specific items teachers ask for. It very often requires several trips to complete a list. It’s enough to drive a parent crazy.

Candace,  Kindergarten\Candace is one of those parents. Standing in a big box store one August afternoon in 2008 agonizing over whether or not a black duo-tang could be bleached grey, an idea was born. What if there was a kinder, gentler way to do back to school shopping? What if someone could put all this together so she never had to seek out school supplies again? Enter Laurie, a self-proclaimed lover of all things back-to-school. Laurie loves the back-to-school season, the smell of new paper, the new packages and fresh start that it all brings. A partnership was born and now you can bask in the glow of those last days of summer while Best Tools for Schools takes care of everything for you.

Candace has spent the last six years managing her home and children with some degree of success. While most expected her to follow in Martha Stewart’s footsteps when she returned to work, she has surprised everyone by embracing school supplies. Who knew? Her past experience managing retail stores, managing group pension plans, working in the investment business and even cleaning toilets at a hospital in her younger years give her a great perspective on hard work, customer service, finances and always having a clean toilet.

Laurie, KindergartenLaurie has also spent the last six years managing her home and children, to a greater degree of success. Laurie is a professional organizer, so she has an advantage that many of us will never have. Really great closets! Laurie has a diploma in Early Childhood Education which she promptly left to pursue her passion for organizing. Who says your resume has to make sense? In the early years she worked in the restaurant business and is a firm believer that having a sense of humour is essential when dealing with hungry people. Laurie brings her knowledge of children, the ability to organize back-to-school kits with her eyes shut and a proven track-record running a successful business.

After spending the last six years doting on their families, Laurie and Candace have come together to build Best Tools for Schools into the best school supply business in Canada. If you should happen to run into their dazed and confused husbands and children, please be kind to them, they still don’t know what happened to them. One day they’re well fed and wearing clean clothes, the next they’re having cereal for supper and grabbing clothes out of the hamper. And who will benefit from all this? Why you, of course. We look forward to getting to know you.

Laurie and Candace

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