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About Laurie

Like many parents, Laurie dreads the inevitable back to school rush. The whining, crying, temper tantrums and uncontrollable fits of rage…and that’s just the adults.

Back in 2008, Laurie was inspired by a conversation with one of her fellow mom friends. She was stressed out about not finding the right duo-tang colour on the school supply list, and the conversation quickly became a discussion. What if there was a kinder, gentler way to approach back to school shopping? What if someone could put all this together so parents never had to seek out school supplies again? Best Tools for Schools was born, and the rest is history.

Laurie, KindergartenBefore embarking on this crazy journey called motherhood, Laurie ran a successful business as a Professional Organizer for almost a decade. Laurie has a diploma in Early Childhood Education, which she promptly left to pursue her passion for organizing. Who says your resume has to make sense? Laurie brings her knowledge of child development, the ability to organize back-to-school kits with her eyes shut, and a proven track-record of finding solutions that make life easier for others.

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