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Customized school kits

We provide customized school kits based on teachers’ supply lists. Four dollars from every kit goes directly to your school, and the kits are delivered to the school before classes start!

A Word about Pricing

It is hard for us to give you an average cost of a kit because each supply list is unique.  That being said, we understand the importance of being competitive and we check our prices frequently with the bigger stores.   Best Tools for Schools works hard to obtain the best price from our manufacturers’ and pass the savings on to you.  We provide a service that puts together all your school supplies, delivers it to your school and provides $4 from the sale of each kit so your school can pursue it's fund raising goals. You will spend comparable amounts, often more, by going to superstores.  Even at back to school time.  Where we offer you the most savings of all though is in something we can't put a price on....your time.

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