What I Did Instead

Best Tools for Schools

Best Tools For Schools

"Anything we can do to make our life easier, is awesome.  Best Tools for Schools has done that.  Balancing careers with young kids and life is challenging at the best of times, but can get even worse when you throw in back to school shopping.  This year, I got a note saying that the tools for school that I ordered were waiting for my child in his class - how can it get more convenient?!  Now if I could just get them to accept my "tools for life" order!"

Cory Young, father of the best son in the world
Chief Operating Officer (COO), Rhodes & Williams Insurance Brokers


What I Did Instead

Instead of elbowing my way through the crowds of frenzied back-to-school shoppers, instead of hunting for the ever elusive non-spiral bound grid paper note book, and instead of dishing out a ton of money on school supplies I spent the last week of  summer break soaking up the sun on the beach with a good book. I have never had the privilege of a personal shopper or an administrative assistant (though as a mother of four I have often wished I had a wife) so the idea of having someone else doing the school supply leg work for me was very appealing. I also enjoyed having the option of paying for the supplies in the middle of the summer so that my September budget had a little more breathing room for all the new clothes and shoes we also needed to buy.
 Thank you Laurie and Candace!



This summer, instead of spending countless hours searching my local big box store for school supplies along with countless other unlucky parents in the Ottawa region, I took my family on a road trip to Nova Scotia!  Best Tools for Schools took the headache out of back to school shopping while providing my kids with brand name products delivered right to their desk (which they were very excited about!).  I ordered kits for both my daughter and son and was even able to order a kit to donate to the school!  As a mother of four I am so thankful that there is a company like Best Tools for Schools and that my school was the first to sign up for their program,  because instead of fighting the crowds during back to school shopping I will be relaxing and enjoying my summer vacation with my family!

Kelli Catana - mom of 4


This was our first time using Best Tools for Schools!  It was worth every penny (and actually was surprised at how inexpensive it was).  It was the best feeling going into Walmart and seeing all the people frantically trying to find the right things on their list.  I was wonderfully relaxed (grin).  You have created an amazing service and I wish you great success with it.  I have told so many people about it, and suggested they ask their school to use you.  
As long as you are doing this, I will never go back to buying school supplies myself!
Congratulations!  Well Done! and THANK YOU!

Ramona P.


What a fabulous service this was... Having 4 kids this made back to school easy and stress free... thanks so much for your hard work and making this possible... This is one of those million dollar ideas that is going to change back to school shopping forever. LOL... 

Seriously though...

Thank you, 

Lori B.

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