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Dear Teacher,

Welcome to Best Tools for Schools! We’ve designed a program which creates a custom school supply kit based on your specific supply list.

Parents simply log on to our website and place their order. All the kits are delivered to your school and are ready to be used on the first day of class. Guaranteed!

We will provide you with exactly what you ask for on your supply list. Be as specific as you’d like. Want pipe cleaners, red yarn, sandwich bags with candies in it, or even dried kidney beans for counting exercises? We’ll get it for you. Our website has been developed as much for you as for our parents.

Use your students’ kits to store extra supply items throughout the year in your classroom. Or store their work for Parent/Teacher conferences. At the end of the year your student has a keepsake box to take home with all of their work in it.

Finally, we understand that public funding often falls short of what is actually needed. That is why we donate $4 from the sale of each box to your school. How will your school use the funds raised? The possibilities are endless: teaching aides, technical equipment, sporting goods, music equipment, helping students in need, staff room items. This program runs every year, so you can establish long term goals as well.

We look forward to getting to know you. If you have any questions,
don’t hesitate to contact us at info@toolsforschools.ca or call us at

How it works


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If you are a first time visitor create your teacher’s account. Otherwise login to build your list, check out archived lists or update your profile.


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Build List

Start building your list. Be as specific as you would like. Best Tools for Schools will contact you for clarification if it’s needed. Expect a quote within three business days for your specific list.


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Print List

Once you’ve approved the final list, a five digit number is assigned to it. Print off the list and the Letter to Parents and send home to your parents with report cards. Parents enter in the five digit number and click purchase to buy their kit.


Hi! I'm your helper!


Kits will be delivered to your school before the first day of school. Typically a school will assign one person to take delivery of the kits in a common area, and to help distribute them to students.